Baptism Requirements

BAPTISM is the 1st Sacrament of Initiation. The following are the requirements:-

  • Baptisms here can be held any Sunday – and Sundays ony– at 11.00 a.m.
  • Parish Priest has to be informed at least 15 days in advance about the date – as there may be some other important celebrations.
  • Parents have to produce “original” Birth Certificate of the child.
  • Pre-Baptismal Instructions about the obligations of the Parents towards the Child and about the Rite will be held on Wednesdays before the Baptism, in the morning by 9.30 a.m. The parents and the God-parents (if these are from our Parish) have to come for these instructions (as God-parents too have their ‘obligations’), and they must be ones who have received Confirmation.
  • If the God-parents are from other Parishes, the parents have to produce N.O.C. letter from their respective Parish Priests. If from abroad, they can send to the Parish Priest the N.O.C. letter from their Parish Priest through e-mail – with signature and stamp.
  • At least one of the God-parents (either god-father or god-mother is a must – there may not be both).
  • If the God-parents are not present for Baptism, the parents have to mention ‘who’ are the “proxies”.
  • In our church, I made a Xerox form to be filled in Capital letters with all the names etc. correctly so that these data will go to the Archive Books before Baptism takes place.
  • After Baptism, the God-parents have to sign the books.
  • The parents have at last pay the due Emoluments of the Church – after or before it.