Parish Pastoral Council

”PPC” (or Parish Pastoral Council) is the Main Parish Group ‘representing’ the whole Parish the “leaders” of which – through wards or ‘Small Christian Communities’ chosen through 2 selections/(elections), and trained before the Inauguration every 3 years, – sit together with the Parish Priest [who is the President] once a month every 1st Sunday, and discuss about “how best can we all serve the Parish Community, Pastorally and Spiritually”. Decisions arrived at are scrutinized by the Parish Priest, and if any of them is difficult, he consults his Authorities and says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly! The PPC is not a body, now, with ‘power’ to sit in judgement of the Parish Priest to question him, but rather, help him in his Pastoral and Spiritual work!

– by Fr. Agnelo Mendes