Funeral Requirements


  • Inform the Parish Priest by 9.00 a.m.
  • Get Doctor’s/Hospital’s Certificate of death (original).
  • If it is “unnatural” death, get Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Get grave-digger, to dig before 1.00 p.m., if the funeral is in the evening.
  • Get grave number from Secretary/Sacristan.
  • Take Xerox form from Parish Priest to be filled with the details/data of the dead correctly and with Capital letters (no short forms), before 12.00 noon, which later will go to Archive Books of Deaths.
  • For announcement on Press, timing will have to be put exactly the same that has been agreed with the Parish Priest.
  • Send some conveyance 10 mins. before, to pick up the Priest to say starting prayers at the house of the deceased.
  • Burial is strict with mud only (no flowers).
  • See that the gravedigger fills all the extracted mud over that particular grave only (and is not thrown around).
  • Pay the bill after Funeral (if not before)…or at least the next day.