“FÁBRICA” Is not a Parish Group as such but it is a “Financial Body” – the oldest in our Diocese, with a Committee, now with Parish Priest as President, and 4 lay members, 2 main (Treasurer and Attorney) and other 2 auxiliary, – which looks after the maintenance of the Church and things related. Its Committee is selected, now, by PPC. Every 3 years – they can be selected for another 3 years, but not more. It keeps all accounts and they are audited and submitted to the scrutiny of the Parishioners for 3 days at the end of March 31, and then submitted to the Income Tax Dpt. Ours is called (in Portuguese – to prove how old it is) “FÁBRICA DA IGREJA DE UCASSAIM” and its Pan Card goes with that name. People contribute now and then to see that our Church and belongings are well taken care of. In fact, it’s more “breaking head” to the Parish Priest than anyone else.

– by Fr. Agnelo Mendes