“PARISH YOUTH GROUP” – and not ‘Parish Youth’, in all our Parishes there are hundreds of youth who don’t all join this Church Association – they may be members of other Clubs in the Parish – and yet they are ‘parish youth’. Exactly to differentiate this, the Diocesan Youth Center, has rules and Regulations codified in a Booklet, where these youth are called “PARISH YOUTH GROUP” – which most of the youth in our Parishes neither their animator, even Priests, don’t know about the existence of the Rules. Some of them are still with old/archaic terminology li “President” and “Vice- President”. The new language is: “Coordinator” and “Vice-Coordinator”.

Now, what is the role of this Group? Mainly their ‘formation’ for their future Life. But practically they only discuss and decide about Sports, Splash-Bash, 4-a-side Football …etc, i.e. games only. This is very much regretted about!

Next, would be, to use the strength in them (this age) for the benefit of the Parish Life – which many times is not there.

– by Fr. Agnelo Mendes